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Inala Insights Winter 2016

Welcome to our winter newsletter! In the words that follow we share some of our winter adventures and happenings here at Inala, and present a number of exciting things to look forward to in the austral spring and summer.

Firstly, a huge apology if you've just received a blank newsletter from us. Something went very wrong! Please rest assured that we are investigating and will find out how to ensure this does not happen again. We hope you'll forgive us and enjoy this newsletter now it's all arrived.

Inala Insights Autumn 2016

With Easter behind us and a chill in the Tasmanian air, autumn is truly upon us. We hope many of you managed to get some time away over the Easter weekend to do a bit of birding or nature watching; a much healthier alternative to eating chocolate bunnies!  

The summer months have been both busy and eventful for us here at Inala and we have lots of exciting news to share with you…please do read on for the latest happenings and adventures at Inala. 

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