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Newsletter - Winter 2019 at Inala

Winter Newsletter - Full of News, Tours and Events

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The latest Inala Newsletter is now available. Click here to see our most recent Inala newsletter If you click the link above you get to read it in a seperate webpage, which is much easier than trying to read the text in the images. (And here is the sign up page if you would like to receive quarterly newsletters in the future)Read more

Botanic Gardens Day 2019 - Inala Nature Tours - Bruny Island

Botanic Gardens Day 2019

Saturday, 27 April 2019

We are delighted that the Inala Jurassic Garden is now a botanic garden and we are part of 'Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand' ( BGANZ) Each year they have a Botanic Gardens Day and this year we shall be taking part on the 26th May 2019 There will be a Guided One Hour Tour at 11am - $25 pp (Normally $40) Join a walking tour of...Read more

Some of the Inala Team - March 2019

25th Anniversary Newsletter and Celebration

Saturday, 27 April 2019

This is a very special edition of the Inala newsletter as it marks two special occasions in Inalaland: our 25th birthday and the 5th anniversary of the opening of our Museum and Jurassic garden (both, coincidentally and unintentionally on 31 March!). Here is the link to the complete newsletter. The last quarter of a century has seen many...Read more

Telopea speciossima x T monganensis; Waratah hybrid - Inala Garden - Brad Moriarty

One hour guided Botanical Tours of Inala’s Jurassic Garden

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Join a one hour walking tour of the beautiful 5 acre garden at Inala on South Bruny Island. This private garden is overflowing with a diverse array of almost 600 Gondwanan species which are grouped into their botanical families to demonstrate the similarities between the now widely-separated southern landmasses of Australia, New Zealand...Read more

Bruny Fires 2019 - Brad Moriarty

All is well after the Bruny fire

Monday, 7 January 2019

We have been very touched by the number of emails from around the world asking if Inala is ok after the recent fire on Bruny and the continuing fires in Tasmania. Fortunately the wind did not bring the Bruny fire towards Inala so we are all absolutely fine and we are operating very much business as usual, with the burnt area now very...Read more

Summer Newsletter Inala Nature Tours

Mid Summer Newsletter 2018/19

Monday, 7 January 2019

Here is our Summer newsletter - jam packed with orphan stories, trip reports, upcoming Australian and International tours, a new lovely staff member and as many updates from a year at Inala as we could squeeze in. We hope you enjoy it. Sign up for our quarterley newsletter hereRead more

Tino and Tonia Gardening Australia 2018

Inala featured on Gardening Australia TV show

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

We were delighted to appear on Gardening Australia It is also available on iview for a limited period to watch online (Au Only) Here is the link to iview. To come and see the garden, either drop by any time (7 days 9am - 5pm) and explore the garden and nature museum by yourself , or if you would like a guided tour of the garden with the...Read more

Forty Spotted Pardalote - David Stowe - Inala Nature Tours

Inala Photography Tours

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Due to many requests we are very excited to be offering for the first time Inala Bird Photography tours. It used to be that birders & photographers were very different species, yet now most people are a blending both interests. We will offer premium calibre photography training hand in hand with specialist birding knowledge, all done...Read more

Inala Nature Tours - Christmas party

Mid-Summer Inala Newsletter 2017

Friday, 29 December 2017

A Very Merry Inala Christmas The grass is growing faster than Bori can mow it in the Gondwana Garden, The sunset colours of the Christmas Bells are painting the Bruny roadsides, there are fluffy chicks peeping and cheeping in every corner of the landscape and the Bruny ferry is running full steam, packed with relaxed holiday makers and...Read more

Inala Insights Newsletter - 40 Spotted Pardalote - Photograph Alfred Schulte

Inala Autumn Newsletter

Friday, 7 April 2017

Welcome to Autumn at Inala Summer is over, yet the good weather remains strong down on Bruny Island, most chicks are fully fledged and the adult Short-Tailed Shearwaters and Little Penguins are beginning to head back out to sea. Aerial insectivores are still dancing on the warm insect laden breezes and there are enough tree and plants...Read more



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