Wild about Inala

On the wildlife front, lots has been happening this summer on the Inala reserve. One of the more exciting natural news events is that our resident pair of Grey Goshawk is now a resident family. While we were busy working away in the office, the pair arrived with their recently fledged offspring at our raptor restaurant: what a pleasant distraction from work! We anticipate they will continue to visit on a regular basis over the coming months so hope our photographer guests get some great images!

As many of you know, the endemic Forty-spotted Pardalote is our signature bird – it graces our logo and is a highlight species for many Inala guests. We have at least 70 birds in the colony here at Inala, the largest colony on Bruny (about 20-25% of the Bruny population), and one of the only populations not in decline. Recently, as part of ongoing scientific research, we had about 30 more nest boxes installed to encourage breeding, and while we can’t quantify the season’s breeding successes, we have seen lots of breeding activity. One nesting box was used three times this season, presumably by the same pair. A further exciting development is that one of our regular guests, Alfred Schulte, has had an exciting ecological discovery about these birds confirmed. Alfred has made some astute observations in the many hours spent photographing these birds here, and a suspicion of his - that the birds peck at the leaf axils of their favourite tree (Eucalyptus viminalis) to stimulate the flow of gum - has now been backed by scientific research. Perhaps then, the reason why these critters use the same trees year after year (we have three active nests in one small area), is that they farm them!


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