A wet winter for all

After a long, parched summer, with dams across the state at near record lows, the rain finally arrived, and oh boy, did it arrive! Sadly, many northern parts of the state got so drenched they made appearances in global news bulletins - our thoughts go out to all those who suffered often substantial losses in these recent rains. While not catastrophic, we did incur damage at Inala with a hefty 90 mm of rain falling over a very short time. The lower fields quite quickly resembled lakes, but fortunately they drained quite rapidly. More serious was the loss of three mature Eucalyptus viminalis trees near the Forty-spotted Pardalote canopy platform, one of which housed a nesting box successfully used by the birds last season.

The last time similar damage was sustained was 21 years ago during a very similar weather event with strong easterly winds accompanied by very heavy rain, a very rare weather system in Tasmania. Thankfully, the platform and most of the trees, including the other trees with nest boxes, remain intact, and there appears to be no reduction in the number of birds in the area. Regardless, we aim to do more planting of Eucalyptus viminalis on that vulnerable site to protect the remaining nesting trees and the platform.

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