On tour with Inala

Our guides have been busier than ever this summer. Recent tours have included a number of privately arranged forays around Victoria with our guide Steve Davidson where highlights included White-throated Gerygone, Purple-gaped Honeyeater, Speckled Warbler and Rufous Bristlebird. In Tasmania, Tonia Cochran, Andrew Hingston, Nick Mooney and Mark Holdsworth have been kept busy on both private and scheduled departures. One of the season’s stand-out tour highlights was a Wedge-tailed Eagle and White-bellied Sea-Eagle locked in combat right above two lucky groups at Inala! Most of our tours have also made trips down to Melaleuca for Orange-bellied Parrot, and the good news on that front is that a total of 18 chicks have fledged this season.  We have also been on a number of pelagics where highlights included some memorable sightings of Southern Royal and Wandering Albatrosses, White-headed and Mottled Petrels and the lovely White-faced Storm Petrel.

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