A time for raptors

Winter is a time for raptors here at Inala. With all species more likely to feed on carrion during the colder months, our raptor photography hide is the place to be! This time of year is also when White-bellied Sea-Eagle start their breeding flight displays, and we have recently enjoyed a number of spectacular sightings over the Inala reserve. Our resident pair of white morph Grey Goshawk have been making regular daily visits to the hide thrilling all who have had the patience and will to put in a bit of hide time. Of interest is that the immature bird that was with these birds until recently seems to have left, suggesting yet another successful breeding season for these special birds. We are also delighted to report that a second year female Brown Goshawk, who we got to know last winter, has also put in regular appearances. The usual pair of Brown Falcons and their two offspring have also been seen from the hide, and we have also enjoyed regular sightings of White-bellied Sea-Eagle, and Wedge-tailed Eagle. There are few wildlife encounters quite as thrilling as an apex raptor feeding at ground level at close range, we think so anyway! 

Interestingly, we have also had some Swamp Harriers in the area, this species typically migrates across the Bass Strait to spend the winter on the warmer mainland, returning to Tasmania in September. And our good friend, and excellent photographer, Alfred Schulte, also migrated here again, with his daughter Christine, spending some rewarding time in the hide.  Do have a look at Alfred's website to see a selection of his best shots from his time here at Inala, they are impressive! 

If you would like to book a stay at Inala, which include access to the raptor viewing hide, please see our website for booking details (http://www.inalanaturetours.com.au/), or email us directly. 


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