Our Jurassic garden is blooming wonderful!

Our Jurassic Garden is looking good after surviving a very dry summer and several  a severe winter downpours last year. All this rain has in fact done wonders, and, despite these trying conditions, the garden is looking lush with winter flowering species adding a welcome splash of colour. Most impressive are a number South African Proteaceae species that are in full cry, and looking just wonderful. We also have a number of leatherwoods still in flower; further proof of this out-of-sorts season, these lovelies should have finished up their reproductive activities by late summer! Anyhow, with the ground nice and wet, the garden is looking set to boom in what promises to be a bumper spring.

If you would like to head to south Bruny for a peek at our lovely garden (or our fabulous Nature Museum) please do drop us a line or give us a ring, we would love to hear from you! Or just call in as we are open every day from 10:00-17:00.

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