New International Inala Tours


We are very excited to announce Inala's first tour to India and Bhutan - Guided by Tonia and with local specialist guides.

Indian state of Gujarat is rich in diverse flora and fauna. For birders, it is a paradise. Around 500 bird species including 55 species that are endemic to the Indian subcontinent and around 30 globally-threatened and 15 near-threatened species. The vast openness of the landscape and large numbers of birds also make it a great destination for bird photographers.

Bhutan is a breathtaking mystical land situated in the Himalayas neighbouring China and Nepal. In a region known for its stunning scenery, pristine rivers flow through the main towns of Paro, Thimphu (Bhutan’s capital city) and Punakha. Over 670 species of birds have been recorded here, including several range-restricted and highly sought-after species. Tourist quotas are also restricted, adding to the exotic specialness of this magical land.

UGANDA ( Jan and Nov 2020 )

Our brand new Uganda Tour is also now on the Inala website.
Following on from Tonia's fantastic trip to Uganda last year, we are delighted to announce two trips in 2020, both to be led by Tonia and local Ugandan birding and wildlife guides.
Before we even launched this tour we had three confirmed bookings, so jump in quick to secure places for your preferred date for a trip to this truly incredible part of the world.