New faces, and familiar ones

We would like to welcome Dan Davies. Dan is helping us with our IT, website and business development, and is a great addition to the Inala team.

Inala wouldn't be what we are (which is great!) without our wonderful guides, office staff and property team. You are sure to have met many of them either through correspondence, visiting Inala or joining our tours, and their hard work, professionalism, expertise and dedication is a source of great pride to Tonia.

From Tonia - thanks so much to all of you! You've all helped Inala grow into the (rather large!) business it is today.

Also, and not least - many thanks to our valued friends and supporters from around the world who have also helped to shape Inala and enable us to go forward with our efforts to protect high conservation land and threatened species, provide wildlife care and be the best we possibly can be at delivering the highest standard of wildlife and birding tours throughout Australia.


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