Cape York Tour Rescheduled from Aug 2020 due to continuing high interest levels in this tour.
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This tour visits some of the most remote, bird-rich areas in Australia. In the country's far north eastern corner, the distinctive Cape York peninsula juts out into the tropical water of the Coral Sea and is home to the largest unspoilt patch of rainforest on the continent. This adventure includes 4 full days birding in the Iron Range National Park for a host of species found nowhere else in Australia including Palm Cockatoo, Frill-necked Monarch and White-faced Robin. We also explore the riches of Lakefield National Park where Golden-shouldered Parrot and Red Goshawk will be likely highlights. And we also bird in the area around Julatten, a region widely regarded for it's abundance of species. Simply put, this tour is hard to beat: it covers the highlight areas in this region and we travel at a comfortable pace. This tour is also one of our best sellers and you are welcome to join us on this next trip.

Day 1 Sat 12 Sept 20. Arrive Cairns.
Day 2. Sun 13 Sept 20. Cairns to Julatten
Day 3. Mon 14 Sept 20. Julatten area.
Day 4. Tue 15 Sept 20. Julatten to Musgrave.
Day 5. Wed 16 Sept 20. Musgrave-Lakefield National Park
Day 6. Thur 17 Sept 20. Musgrave to Lockhart River.
Day 7. Fri 18 Sept 20. Lockhart River.
Day 8. Sat 19 Sept 20. Lockhart River.
Day 9. Sun 20 Sept 20. Lockhart River.
Day 10. Mon 21 Sept 20. Fly Lockhart River to Cairns. Depart Cairns.

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