Mid-Summer Inala Newsletter 2017

A Very Merry Inala Christmas 

The grass is growing faster than Bori can mow it in the Gondwana Garden, The sunset colours of the Christmas Bells are painting the Bruny roadsides, there are fluffy chicks peeping and cheeping in every corner of the landscape and the Bruny ferry is running full steam, packed with relaxed holiday makers and slightly manic looking locals - It must be Christmas!
This is not a whole newsletter, but we couldn't resist putting some news from Inala and a couple of new tours, including for the first time an Antarctic offering by one of our international partners.

Thank you to all the guests, suppliers, agents and partners of Inala, we are very grateful for your support and kindness over the year, especially through some tough tech. issues.
We wish you all the happiest of times over Christmas and hope that you manage to get out amongst nature between the festive frolicking.    The Inala Team

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The launch of 'The Inala Foundation'
Over the years I have been touched and humbled by the number of people that have shown such a huge interest in the Inala property and all that the Inala team and I have been trying to achieve in protecting it for the long term. While I personally think Inala is the most special place in the world, I do admit to being slightly biased. I am also painfully aware of how many other special places also need protection and how thinly resources are being spread in trying to achieve this. So I feel very privileged that so many people feel that Inala is special enough to warrant contributing towards its protection. Until now, this has been done on an ad hoc basis, mostly through proceeds from the Inala nature museum and garden or through generous donations towards the cause. But now my dream is finally realised and I am proud to announce the formal establishment of the Inala Foundation. We plan to start small, with the aim of accumulating funds for the long-term management of the Inala property. But my long term goal is to provide scope for funds to be channeled into specific projects or species protection; the forty-spotted pardalote and swift parrot are two species that immediately spring to mind as being close to our hearts. To those of you who have encouraged me to dream big, thank-you all so much for your vision and encouragement in protecting this special piece of paradise that I am proud to have the opportunity to fight for.  Tonia
We will soon be accepting secure donations through the Inala website  - thank you to those of you who pushed us to do this.  Until then we are delighted to do a bank transfer or credit card payment.

Orphan Updates
Rose now has a sister.  Joanne is another Bennetts Wallaby of a very similar age who has joined her in the transition pen, so together they can both get used to how to be a wallaby in the wide world and hopefully give each other support and comfort.  Joanne was raised by a lovely family on Bruny Island who found her by the road and wanted to learn how to help out, they have done a wonderful job and she is very healthy and happy.

Monday's joey has been named Man Friday and is growing like a rocket.  We did not have to assist her with being a mum and she is a natural at being protective of Friday when cheeky wee Hoppy gets too close.  

Inala - Photography Tours
Due to many requests we are very excited to be offering for the first time Inala Bird Photography tours. It used to be that birders & photographers were very different species, yet now most people are a blending both interests.  We will offer premium calibre photography training hand in hand with specialist birding knowledge, all done in a non invasive and ethically responsible way.

You will know David Stowe from his many stunning photographs in Birdlife magazine as well as his award winning images.
We are excited to be partnering with David and we are offering a photography specific bird tour and workshop based on Bruny Island.  David Stowe and an Inala guide will deliver an exciting itinerary of walks, talks & workshops in a diverse array of Bruny locations, habitats and landscapes to teach a small group of keen photographers, more about birds and more about photography.  
Photographer Henry Cook will join this tour when it reaches a certain size of group.
Dates: 4th - 8th July 2018          Location: Bruny Island

We are also delighted to have the passionate photographer Craig Greer running his first Inala Photography tour in Tasmania, see our website very soon for more details.

Antarctica Charter 2019
There are many members of the Inala team with Antarctic links, not least Tonia herself who spent many years returning to the deep South in her marine biology days.  So we are delighted that Inala has been invited to have the exclusive rights in Australia to sell an exclusive Antarctic charter with one of our international partners and that we are very excited to offer our guests this amazing opportunity. Its the first trip of the 2019 season which has several advantages including great rates and the best chance for Emperor and great photography.  
When you book this tour through Inala you will receive a bonus AU $500 voucher to spend on an Inala group tour or Inala personalised tour *
Dates: 19th October - 6th November 2019
Tour Prices Range from: Twin Share = US $13,960 - Ocean Suite = US $22,950 
(All itinerary details, further cabin options and prices on the Inala Website)
* The Inala Voucher can be used at the discretion of the Inala team and may depend on group numbers, available accommodation etc.

South Africa 2018 Special

We would like to offer you all a Christmas special of $500 per person off the price of the main 'South Africa Birds, Mammals and Wildflowers Tour 5-19th September 2018 ' 
- $665 pp off the price of the combined main tour plus the 'Rare Mammals Extension 19-21 Sept'. 
- $900 pp of the price of the main tour plus the Rare Mammals Extension, plus the Kruger Extension
This fabulous offer extends only until the 15th Jan.  See the Inala website for all further details.

Inala Cape York and Wet Tropics 2018

The Inala Cape York Tour 2018 is booking fast, so if you were mulling this one over, jump in quick.  We would also like to offer $500 pp off the price of the Wet Tropics Tour if you combine both tours.

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