LAST CHANCE for Cape York and Top End June 2020, PNG July 2020, Uganda Nov 20, Gujurat and Bhutan 2020

It is getting near the pointy end for needing to book onto these upcoming tours, do get in touch to let us know if you are interested in going us on any of these great adventures.

CAPE YORK 31 May - 9 June 2020
This tour visits some of the most remote, bird-rich areas in Australia. In the country's far north eastern corner, the distinctive Cape York peninsula juts out into the tropical water of the Coral Sea and is home to the largest unspoilt patch of rainforest on the continent. This adventure includes 4 full days birding in the Iron Range National Park for a host of species found nowhere else in Australia including Palm Cockatoo, Frill-necked Monarch and White-faced Robin. We also explore the riches of Lakefield National Park where Golden-shouldered Parrot and Red Goshawk will be likely highlights. And we also bird in the area around Julatten, a region widely regarded for it's abundance of species. Simply put, this tour is hard to beat: it covers the highlight areas in this region and we travel at a comfortable pace. This tour is also one of our best sellers and you are welcome to join us on this next trip.

TOP END 12-20 June 2020
This tour explores some of Australia's most iconic areas of Northern Australia, including Kakadu and the Kimberley. Some of our most sought after birds, including Gouldian Finch and Hooded Parrot inhabit some of our most stunning landscapes. Join us for on our next journey across Australia’s Top End!

PNG 10-20 July 2020
The island of Papua New Guinea (PNG) has one the richest and most varied avifauna in the world. 

Over 700 species of birds have been identified here so far, including around 580 land and freshwater species, 40 sea birds and 90 migrants from countries to the North and South. The passerines include cuckoo-shrikes and trillers, shrikes, thrushes, logrunners, babblers, warblers, fairy-wrens, fantails, monarchs and robins, whistlers and pitohuis, honeyeaters, finches, starlings, mynahs, orioles, drongos, wood swallows, butcherbirds, bowerbirds and Birds of Paradise. Thirty-eight of the 43 known species of Bird of Paradise are found in Papua New Guinea. The extent of the millinery trade of the last century significantly affected the populations of these beautiful birds and as a result, all species of Bird of Paradise in Papua New Guinea are now protected. The non-perching birds we should see include birds of prey, megapods, pigeons and doves, cuckoos and coucals, owls and frogmouths, lorries and lorikeets, parrots, cockatoos, kingfishers and hornbills.

During this tour we will stay at two renowned birding destinations; Rondon Ridge located in the PNG Highlands, and Karawari Lodge in the lowlands. While predominantly a birding trip, we will also be on the lookout for any mammals and interesting flora (particularly interesting Gondwanan species) including orchids.

INDIA 22nd Nov - 5 Dec AND BHUTAN 6 - 13 Dec 2020 

We are very excited to announce Inala's first tour to India and Bhutan - Guided by Tonia and with local specialist guides.

Indian state of Gujarat is rich in diverse flora and fauna. For birders, it is a paradise. Around 500 bird species including 55 species that are endemic to the Indian subcontinent and around 30 globally-threatened and 15 near-threatened species. The vast openness of the landscape and large numbers of birds also make it a great destination for bird photographers.

Bhutan is a breathtaking mystical land situated in the Himalayas neighbouring China and Nepal. In a region known for its stunning scenery, pristine rivers flow through the main towns of Paro, Thimphu (Bhutan’s capital city) and Punakha. Over 670 species of birds have been recorded here, including several range-restricted and highly sought-after species. Tourist quotas are also restricted, adding to the exotic specialness of this magical land.

UGANDA ( Jan and 5-20 Nov 2020 )

Following on from Tonia's fantastic trip to Uganda last year, we are delighted to announce two trips in 2020, both to be led by Tonia and local Ugandan birding and wildlife guides.
Before we even launched this tour we had three confirmed bookings, so jump in quick to secure places for your preferred date for a trip to this truly incredible part of the world.


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Have you ever dreamed of going to a special destination but haven't yet worked out the best way to get there or how to go about visiting? Our international tour offerings began as requests by our guests and we are always open to suggestion about further developing our future tour locations. Tonia has developed a vast network of colleagues from around the world over the past 25 years, so please let us know and we can look into possibilities for those areas.


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