Inala go Outback in 2017!

Join Inala's Outback South Australia Tour from 20-29 July 2017 for a unique exploration of the birds, mammals and pre-history of the Australian Outback. This thrilling 10-day adventure takes advantage of the sunny yet mild weather in the austral spring, so you can enjoy this remarkable region in relative comfort.  Co-led by two of Australia’s leading birders, Dr Tonia Cochran of Inala Nature Tours, and Peter Waanders of Bellbird Birding Tours, the tour will focus on the endemics and special birds of the region. It is out good fortune that the tour will also be joined by Ben McHenry, from the South Australian Museum, to provide commentary on the rare geological wonders of the outback, and give us behind-the-scenes access to an internationally significant fossil site.

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