Big news is a bigger Inala

Our big news is that we are bigger! In December last year we acquired another 1,000 acres of beautiful habitat on land bordering the original Inala reserve. This brings the total size of the reserve to 1500 acres (about 600 hectares). To get an idea of the extent of this we have included an image below which shows the former extent of Inala (orange), and the new Inala land that we are very excited about (blue).      
The area includes diverse vegetation communities and some lovely old habitat trees (trees with nest holes and other habitat niches), as well as some interesting rock escarpments. We are yet to discover the many secrets of this lovely new patch, and we probably never will! This doesn’t bother us however as we purchased the land to protect the natural wonders it supports rather than solely for our use. The area will be protected under the same conservation covenanting as the rest of the reserve, and adds to our efforts to protect and improve the natural resources of Bruny Island. Thanks to all of you for your support of Inala, without your help this would not have been possible.

Stay tuned, we'll be sending more pictures and information about the new acquisition in later editions of Inala Insights.

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