Australian Bushfires Update - Jan 2020

Australian Bushfires Update - Jan 2020

We are currently facing extraordinary circumstances in Australia and we think that an update of this kind is the best way to reach everyone and inform them of what is happening here.

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  • Firstly, thank you all so much for the hundreds of phone-calls, texts and emails to check on our welfare here at Inala. It is very touching that you care so much about us.  We are all absolutely fine and none of our guides or guests have so far been affected by the fires raging throughout the country. Inala and Bruny are also intact with no threat of fire on the horizon-we sincerely hope it stays that way!
  • It is business as usual here at Inala.  We know that when you are watching the rolling media, it can appear that the fires are burning across the whole of Australia and whilst the area burning is indeed vast, it is not currently in any areas where we run many of our tours. So thankfully we have not needed to cancel or significantly alter any of our current or future tours in any way. 
  • Please do not be concerned about your bookings on any upcoming tours. We believe we can continue to offer a wonderful wildlife experience in each of the areas in which we are offering tours this year. For example, none of the areas that we visit on our 2020 group tours in Australia (Tasmania, Outback Queensland, Cape York, Top End/Kimberley and south-Western Australia) are currently affected. If anything changes in these areas in the remaining summer months that affect the visual and birding/wildlife viewing aspects of any of these tours, we can still organise changes to the route to avoid these parts and would do as much as it takes to make the tour a success. We have the capacity and expertise both here in the Inala office and on the ground with our guides to make informed decisions and changes. We will always communicate with you well in advance if any alterations to the itinerary are required. 
  • Your safety will always be our primary focus and we are constantly consulting with all the fire resources as well as our local guides and suppliers who live in each area and know the true and up-to-date local area and conditions.
  • We understand it can feel odd to book an holiday in the current situation, and have even been told that people feel guilty about booking their holiday under such circumstances. However your tour bookings are vital in helping to support the rural businesses and communities of Australia.  Many of the locations we visit are remote and the businesses in these places are often very reliant on nature lovers visiting. We will continue to try and support them and not 'panic cancel' tours which in effect makes the situation worse.

All at Inala's thoughts are with those impacted by the bushfires.  Many thanks once again for your kind thoughts and please get in touch if you have any concerns.

Very best wishes, Tonia and the Inala team.


  • The scale of this disaster is overwhelming and utterly heartbreaking.  We always brace ourselves for the fire season each year, yet these fires are of an unprecedented scale and impact resulting from years of increasing temperatures and reduced rainfall.
  • You may have seen the figure of a billion native wildlife killed in the fires and the gut wrenching images of the destruction. We know this can leave one feeling like there is no hope. Yet this is the time we must rally and assist in every way we can supporting those doing the vital and incredible work on the front line to protect and rescue native wildlife.
  • There are many wonderful charities who are assisting with the impact on the people who live in these areas.  We are focusing on assisting the wildlife in the fire-zones and the suggested charities and grass-roots organisations below are those where the money will get straight to work on the ground.  Just click on each name which will take you straight to the relevant web pages.
  • Financial donations are preferred, however any contribution will be of help. For example, if you have the time and skills and would prefer to sew or knit items to send to the wildlife carers that would also be greatly appreciated.  Here is a website with a current list of the items they most need.

Wildlife Victoria
Birdlife Australia
Wildlife Rescue South Coast
Nature Foundation South Australia
Shoalhaven Bat Clinic
Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland
Humane Society International - Australia

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