And now the BIG news!

We've been waiting to tell you our very big news - Inala has just got three times bigger!
Towards the end of last year, we acquired another 1,000 acres of beautiful habitat on land surrounding the original Inala property. This brings the total size of the property up to 1500 acres, or about 600 hectares. You can get an idea of just how big that is in the image, which shows Inala's boundaries and location on South Bruny Island.

The area includes diverse vegetation communities and some lovely big old habitat trees and rock escarpments. We are yet to discover all the secrets hidden in this exciting new region, and it’s so big  we probably never will, but we don't mind that, because it was purchased to protect the wildlife, not for our use. The area will be protected under the same conservation covenanting as the rest of the property and we will continue to carry out work to protect and improve Inala's natural environment.

We thought we'd take this opportunity to remind you about some of the amazing features of Inala in this edition of our news, and also share some images of the new acquisition.

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