Inala Private Conservation Reserve

Swift Parrot - Colette Livermore - Inala Nature Tours
Swift Parrot - Colette Livermore - Inala Nature Tours
320 Cloudy Bay Road
Bruny Island TAS

Inala, an Aboriginal word meaning 'a peaceful place', is a c. 600 hectare (1500 acre) conservation property of rich diverse habitat on Bruny Island, Tasmania. It is located north of Cloudy Lagoon near the South Bruny National Park.

Please be aware that the whole Inala Conservation Reserve can only be visited by booking a tour, or by staying in Inala's cottage accommodation. 
( The only walk in public access areas is the 5 acre Inala Jurassic Garden and Nature Museum $10 Adult, $5 Child )

Inala is home to 95 species of birds, including many endangered species (Forty-spotted Pardalote, Tasmanian subspecies of Wedge-tailed Eagle, White-bellied Sea-eagle, white morph of the Grey Goshawk and Swift Parrot ) 
All of the 12 Tasmanian endemic birds live in the habitat at Inala.
The property is also an important breeding refuge for Swift Parrots. Forty species of native terrestrial orchids, an amazing diversity of plant species, and several species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians also occur on Inala.

There are a number of walking tracks throughout the reserve, allowing access to different types of habitat and key wildlife viewing areas. Guests are welcome to use of the reserve for birding and exploring during their stay in one of the cosy cottages, and a map of the reserve can be found in each cottage. Several hides have been constructed in key viewing areas including a raptor hide and a 4m high elevated viewing platform for Forty-spotted Pardalotes.

Approximately 80% of the property is covered in native vegetation, which ranges from tall wet eucalypt forest with some rainforest species, to wetlands and heathlands. The balance is pasture, which provides habitat for additional native species such as the Tasmanian Native Hen, Swamp Harrier, and Red-necked (Bennett’s) Wallaby. A number of conservation projects, such as tree planting, also provide important wildlife habitat. Of primary importance is preserving and creating habitat for the Forty-spotted Pardalote and Swift Parrot, both of which are Endangered. Inala is home to one of the largest known colonies of Forty-spotted Pardalote, one of Tasmania’s most sought after endemics, and is an important breeding area for the Swift Parrot.

Inala reserve is also used as a research site for a number of university projects, an educational venue for schools and environmental groups, and the base for Inala's own ecotourism enterprise.

Please be aware that visits to Inala Private Reserve can only be undertaken as part of a tour, or by guests staying in Inala's accommodation.  Tours must be booked in advance and we strongly recommend booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  Tours start from 3hr long walking tours of the property and extent to multi-day tours of Bruny which incorporate time at Inala into the personalised schedule.
Please click here to contact us and request the price list for all our short tours of Inala, Bruny and Tasmania

The revenue from our tours and accommodation helps to protect this incredible ecosystem and allow all flora and fauna living within it to thrive.  Thank you for your support of both Inala and the Inala Nature Foundation.

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Need directions? See our how to find us page.

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