Inala Jurassic Garden

Jurassic / Gondwanan Garden - Inala Nature Tours - Brad Moriarty / Pademelon Creative
Jurassic / Gondwanan Garden - Inala Nature Tours - Brad Moriarty / Pademelon Creative
320 Cloudy Bay Road
Bruny Island TAS

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The Inala Jurassic Garden is an educational facility highlighting the Gondwanan connections of a range of living plant families whose ancient ancestors thrived in the Jurassic period when the Gondwanan Supercontinent started splitting apart (about 185 million years ago) to form the southern land-masses that we now know as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America and New Caledonia.

The Inala Jurassic Garden is proudly associated with Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand Inc.

Designed across five acres of gently undulating land and accessed by a winding, wheelchair-friendly path, the Garden gives visitors an insight into the ancient connections of species that are planted in family groups to demonstrate the similarities between species that are now found in these geographically-distant countries.

Over six hundred species comprising around 50 plant families are represented in the garden and demonstrate current distributions of species by vicariance and dispersal. Other ancient plant families such as the Ginkgoaceae and Magnoliaceae are also represented in the collection. Each specimen is fully labelled with a catalogue number, family name, botanical name and common name and location of wild origin and interpretation signs for each family are located around the garden. Our plant catalogue is updated regularly to reflect the latest taxonomic changes and collection data associated with each species.

There are strong connections between the Nature Museum and Jurassic Garden, with many of the ancient fossils on display also featuring as living versions just outside in the Garden.

You can choose to self guide ( Only 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week, Adults $10, Child $5 ) or if you prefer join a garden tour.

One hour guided Botanical Tour of Inala’s Jurassic Garden

Join a one hour walking tour of the beautiful 5 acre garden at Inala on South Bruny Island. 
This private garden is overflowing with a diverse array of almost 600 Gondwanan species which are grouped into their botanical families to demonstrate the similarities between the now widely-separated southern landmasses of Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, South America and South Africa. Your knowledgeable guide will walk with you through time and illuminate the fascinating history of our botanical past. You will discover how dinosaurs and extinct giant birds changed the structure of plants and why Tasmania has so many ancient Gondwanan species. Every plant is labelled and has a story to tell and to discover even a few will enhance your joy and appreciation of the natural world around you.

After the tour, you can continue to explore the garden for as long as you wish (additional interpretation signs are located around the garden) and also investigate the Inala Nature Museum where shells, gemstones and fossils continue the story of the Gondwanan timeline from the ancient past to the living present.

Tours Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

10-11am and 11-12am

$40 per person – bookings required

Group Bookings -  $20 per person (20 Pax or more)

Please contact us for other times or larger groups


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Need directions? See our how to find us page.