Wildlife Rehabilitation

Inala has a long and proud history in wildlife rehabilitation, caring for injured and abandoned animals. Dr Tonia Cochran’s science and farming background has furnished her with a wide range of veterinary skills that she uses to care for the diversity of animals brought to Inala’s door.

Tonia’s diverse background, combined with her deep passion for Tasmania’s fauna, has resulted in countless animals of various species being released back into the Tasmanian wilderness. The list of rehabilitated species is varied and impressive and includes the likes of Brown Falcon, Tasmanian Pademelon, Long Nosed Potoroo, Echidna, Little Pygmy Possum, Brush-tailed Possum, Little Penguin, and even Blue-tongued Lizard! Our most famous success is an albino Bennett’s Wallaby that is still regularly seen around the accommodations; on arrival at Inala you may be fortunate to see him or perhaps Tonia or one of her staff nestling a tiny Bennett’s Wallaby in their jumper or feeding a hungry Eastern Quoll.

This photo is of an orphaned Quoll that we reared and is by Richard White.