Our Guides

  • Dr Tonia Cochran - Inala Nature Tours - Owner / Manager / Lead Guide

    Dr Tonia Cochran is the Owner, Managing Director and principal specialist guide and tour leader at Inala Nature Tours on Bruny Island.Read more

  • Nick Mooney - Inala Nature Tours

    Nick Mooney is an Australian conservationist, biologist, writer, wildlife expert, and ecological educator best known for his work with the Tasmanian Devil...Read more

  • Dr Andrew Hingston - Inala Nature Tours Guide

    Andrew Hingston has developed an extraordinarily good ear for identifying birds from their calls. He also has an excellent, in-depth knowledge of Tasmania...Read more

  • Cat is a nature guide in the Inala guiding team. Before Inala, Cat worked in Lamington National Park in lush subtropical Queensland as a bird guide and...Read more

  • Steve Davidson

    Steve has had a love affair with birds from as far back as the age of six, and since then the hobby has become a passion. Steve lives in Melbourne,...Read more

  • Karen Dick - Inala Nature Tours

    Karen joined the Inala team in 2017 and has been a very keen birder all her life. She is a highly motivated, enthusiastic environmental specialist with...Read more

  • Mark with a precious Orange-bellied Parrot chick. Mark has been integral to the conservation of this incredibly rare species.

    Mark’s dedication to bird conservation is both professional and personal, and saw him nominated as one of four Tasmanians for Australian of the Year in...Read more

  • Darryel (Biggles) Binns - Inala Nature Tours - Specialist Birding Guide

    Darryel (Biggles) Binns. Biggles is a long term resident of Darwin and one of our gun Inala guiding team members for well over 10 years. He is ranked as...Read more

  • Frank O'Connor - Inala Nature Tours Guide

    Frank O'Connor is a native of Western Australia. While he has had an interest in birds for most of his life, his zeal for birds was ignited by the sight...Read more

  • Paul Brooks - Inala Nature Tours - Specialist Guide

    Paul Brooks has lived in Tasmania all his life and has always been interested in the natural world. This interest led him to study for a Bachelor of...Read more

  • Catherine Young - Inala Nature Tours - Nature Guide

    Catherine is the newest member of the Inala team and brings with her a wealth scientific knowledge. As a PhD graduate in behavioural ecology (...Read more

  • Max Breckenridge - Inala Nature Tours Guide

    Max Breckenridge was born in the UK, but has lived virtually his entire life in Sydney, Australia. At age 12, his passion for birds was fostered when his...Read more

  • Andrew Hingston building a nest box for Forty-spotted Pardalote.

    A team of wildlife and birding enthusiasts are the guides on all our tours throughout Tasmania, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.Read more