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Over the years I have been touched and humbled by the number of people that have shown such a huge interest in the Inala property and all that the Inala team and I have been trying to achieve in protecting it for the long term. While I personally think Inala is the most special place in the world, I do admit to being slightly biased. I am also painfully aware of how many other special places also need protection and how thinly resources are being spread in trying to achieve this. So I feel very privileged that so many people feel that Inala is special enough to warrant contributing towards its protection. Until now, this has been done on an ad hoc basis, mostly through proceeds from the Inala nature museum and garden or through generous donations towards the cause. But now my dream is finally realised and I am proud to announce the formal establishment of the Inala Foundation. We plan to start small, with the aim of accumulating funds for the long-term management of the Inala property. But my long term goal is to provide scope for funds to be channeled into specific projects or species protection; the forty-spotted pardalote and swift parrot are two species that immediately spring to mind as being close to our hearts. To those of you who have encouraged me to dream big, thank-you all so much for your vision and encouragement in protecting this special piece of paradise that I am proud to have the opportunity to fight for.


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