Ben Blewitt

Ben is a passionate birder and ecologist based on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. He has over 30 years birding experience throughout Australia and Internationally and over 25 years involvement in nature-based tourism, including successfully running his own birding tour business for several years.

Ben’s easy- going nature and relaxed style somewhat belie his skills and determination in the field. With his knowledge of bird calls and understanding of the habitat requirements of particular species, he can often reveal natural wonders previously hidden to the inexperienced observer.

Extensive experience working as an ecologist and wildlife management consultant on various projects has enabled Ben to develop his knowledge of Australian mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and their habitats. This broad knowledge will be appreciated by those with a wider interest in the ecology of the regions visited.

In recent years Ben has successfully led bird photography tours in Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. He understands the challenges and conditions required to help you capture the special images of the birds and wildlife encountered.


"We spent 7 days on a birding tour visiting areas such as the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree River and Atherton Tablelands. Well planned and covered birds, animals, and places we most wanted to see. Visiting the Great Barrier Reef was a highlight. Accomodations were in nature oriented facilities were very good. Chambers Lodge was particularly beautiful. Our guide Ben was knowledgeable and personable and had a great sense of humor even after spending 7 days with us. Great tour for birders and nature lovers. ..." ( Ruth and Mark Tripadvisor )

“You were so patient and understanding of our interests and continually looking after our comfort and safety. In addition, your birding skills are remarkable; such eyes and ears. These combined with your broad knowledge of natural history made our visit most memorable. Thanks! Everything you did was so much appreciated by all of us”. ( Bob Flemming, USA )

“This man has a gift, everywhere we went birds seemed to magically appear” (Derek Freeland, USA )

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